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The Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA) has been formed to consolidate, further promote and benefit those registered with SDUK, UKMAA and KEWAP.  Ultimately one defining banner but with respective identities and reasons for establishment retained.

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Self-Defence UK was established with the primary aim of bringing together many of the UK's finest self-defence and personal safety specialists. We promote highly experienced instructors from many sectors including education, the Police/Law and the martial arts world.

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The UKMAA is a unique network of martial arts instructors considered by its affiliates to be an extended family of like-minded persons. UKMAA instructors are helping and advising one another, breaking down barriers and forging new friendships in the process.

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Since 2009 KEWAP affiliates include personal safety specialists, teachers & tutors, community support employees and instructors serving with various Police Constabularies around the UK plus 'Officer Safety Trainers' with the British Transport Police (BTP).

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Welcome to Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance

Alliance: “Joining in Pursuit of Common Interests” (the Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Welcome to the SDMAA

The Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA) has been formed to promote & proudly acknowledge some the UK's finest self-defence instructors and much respected Dan & Degree graded martial artists.  Those that have completed either the KEWAP Instructor and/or the SDUK Instructor training programme/s will also be listed. Futhermore, those wishing to proudly list their Self-Defence Instructor related grade/s may do so as well.  Ultimately one defining banner but with respective identities and reasons for establishment retained.

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If you would like to join a very supportive, active, open and very friendly organisation and register 'your martial arts grade' or proudly have your 'self-defence instructional qualification' listed with the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance then please email us today at:   EMAIL.  If you would first like to speak with us then please call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).
Steven Timperley - President & Founder of the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA)

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NEW KEWAP Instructor - Date 15th Dec 2019 (new resources & drills) - Total Dojo .
If you wish to book on to a KEWAP or SDUK Instructor course please click  HERE
NEW SDUK Instructor - Date for 2020 TBC - Total Dojo (MK). 
If you wish to book on to the KEWAP Instructor course please click   HERE


1. Self-Defence Partnerships accreditation logo now available.  Only those that have completed the KEWAP Instructor training may use this ( SEE GALLERY). 
2. Annual Renewal (UKMAA, KEWAP & SDUK): once you have completed your annual renewal subscription/s you will be able to send in your photos (X3 max) and articles & events for listing. 
In additional, we will also send you a few items via email for your PR.  Once your scubscription has been received please:  EMAIL  (thank you).   
3. SDMAA Facebook group coming very soon - your platform to post and share!
Our collective range of professionally printed certificates are designed by:  Bliink Designs

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