KEWAP Instructor Courses

KEWAP Instructor & Senior Instructor courses

Welcome to the KEWAP Instructor courses section.  Courses listed are for individuals (or groups) that wish to gain KEWAP Instructor status as well as enhance knowledge relating to the urban edged weapon threat (soft & hard skills).  Upon completion of KEWAP Instructor training successful candidates with be awarded the much sort after KEWAP Instructor certification and in turn they will be respectfully listed on to the KEWAP Register database.

* For further information and endorsements about KEWAP Instructor related training - please scroll down this page (thank you)!

KEWAP Instructor courses are conducted at Total Dojo & Progressive Martial Arts - KEWAP centres of excellence.

Total Dojo (KEWAP HQ)

Unit 28 - The Brunel Centre
Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2DL

Phone: 01908 632347


Progressive Martial Arts (Northern Training Centre)

Forbes Court - Walkerville Industrial Estate

Catterick Garrison, DL9 4XD

Phone: 07971 881980

KEWAP Instructor - Sunday 15th of December 2019 (11.00 - 17:00). This course is open to new candidates and those wishing to enjoy just the day's training (as attendees only).  In addition, this course also counts as refresher training and updates for exisitng KEWAP Instructors (places are limited).  EMAIL

KEWAP Instructors are trained to educate and instruct everyone in society including children regarding the dangers of edged weapons. (resources also include a unique presentation for U18s).  KEWAP Instructors provide safe, informative and highly enjoyable training for those requesting KEWAP instruction.  Previous clients include educational establishments, housing authorities and many other community-based & corporate organisations.  And for the record KEWAP is not an 'unarmed combat' orientated course, but it is an urban environment related training programme.
Please Note: The KEWAP Instructors course can be delivered in-house for Police, Military, HMP and Security related organisations etc. And anyone over the age of fourteen years of age may attend one of our training events as an Attendee if they are accompanied by an adult.
Instructor Course Entry Requirements

Instructor candidates must first be aged over 18 years and be willing to physically interact with others.  Ideally those that hold either an instructional, coaching, Army PTI, Police/HMP trainer or martial arts instructional related grade/qualification etc. will be very suited to this unique and 'modulated programme'.  This also includes those with a nationally accredited self-defence or physical intervention instructor/coach qualification or a Level 3 Teaching & Training Award (also PTLLS etc.) will also be eligible, but it is not essential to hold an existing instructor or trainer qualification.

Finally, if an instructor candidate does not hold any of the aforementioned but has a 'strong' recommendation from their respective instructor/mentor or they themselves in turn believe they can achieve KEWAP Instructor status, they too many attend.  Ultimately, the KEWAP Team strives to encourage and help everyone in attendance to pass (if you are a success then we are a success!).

Qualified KEWAP Instructor Resources:

NEW: HARRY HILT character/logo (Don’t Carry Says Harry!)
KEWAP quiz cards.
Self-Defence Partnerships logo & concept.
Lesson plan document.
Formatted activity risk assessment document.
Activity safety brief document.

Medical registration form (for your KEWAP students).
Comprehensive handout (for your KEWAP students).
Pre-course survey and feedback forms.
Power-point presentations (over 18s & U18s).
Generic KEWAP logo & the KEWAP Instructor logo (for your PR).
20 unique & professional Hi-Res ‘edged weapons’ photos (foryour PR).

For more details please email:  EMAIL or call: 07917 798 734

Senior KEWAP Instructor

Next Course: TBC - Total Dojo (MK)

This course is an advancement of the initial KEWAP Instructors course which also covers the Skills for Security (SfS) package in 'Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition' module (4 street related classifications).

The theoretical content of this course further helps to document in greater detail the differences between edged weapons and other classifications of street related weapons.  In addition, there is an advancement on the physical skills content which takes edged weapon defence concepts & procedures training to a much higher level.

KEWAP Instructors and others who are selected are invited to attend this course and successful instructors will gain the much sort after Senior KEWAP Instructor status.  Senior KEWAP Instructors will receive up to date resources and senior status on the KEWAP Register as well as a certificate in 'street weapons awareness'.

For more details please email:  EMAIL or call: 07917 798 734

KEWAP Instructor Refresher Training (all KEWAP events)

Refresher training for KEWAP Instructors will be set at a minimum of four hours and be run on allotted Sundays at Total Dojo in MK or Progressive Martial Arts in Catterick (11:00 - 15:00 or 12:00 - 16:00).  However, those that wish to engage in a full day's training may do so at no extra cost.  Ultimately, the longer instructors are on course beyond four hours the greater potential they will have to further enhance and confirm their existing knowledge.

The cost of refresher training will be an admin fee of £45.  With respect, £45 is very low priced considering this fee covers training, refreshments, in-date certification, annual registration and upgraded materials (as and when updated). 

For more details please email:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734

Endorsements (just a few)

“In the current climate of knife crime and knife related deaths in the UK Steve's course is a given.  What I like about Steve's perspective on this is his balanced and mature approach to self-protection combined with practical and pragmatic skills that not only work, but ones which have been operationally tested.  No matter what course you may have been on before, or who you have trained with previously, I guarantee you that you will find many benefits in attending this event.”

Mark Dawes - National Coach & Director of the ‘NFPS’ and the author of ‘Understanding Reasonable Force’...


"I was very impressed by Steven’s training capabilities during a day’s course on the KEWAP seminar and his course offered extremely valuable training and life skills.  He is not only a professional and reliable instructor, but he also fully understands the corporate model." 

SM - International Security Manager and Ex-SAS (Special Air Service)


"I found the KEWAP course to be fun and refreshing. At last a highly resourceful and comprehensive package that's easy and enjoyable to learn, take away and deliver with all the materials included.  Anyone that's serious about teaching the subject of knife awareness to all age groups need not hesitate in taking this course."
Tony Hughes Joint Chief Instructor - K.S.C.K.M (Kent - UK)  


"I would recommend the KEWAP course to anyone and this particular instructor course to any self-protection coach looking for some excellent resources and sage advice. Steven is a very professional instructor with bags of experience. His demeanour throughout the day was the perfect balance of courtesy and authority that makes a good teacher. The physical skills training was also delivered in a format I think was effective; it punctuated the soft skills sections. With the low skill level of the intended end-user in mind, the techniques taught were simple and generic, emphasizing the importance of evasion and escape.  The resources he provides are fantastic and exceptional value for money, I look forward to working with Steven in the near future."
Jamie Clubb - Author & Self-Protection Specialist·        

"It is an effective Instructor Course and helpful plug-in for any defence instructor or safety advisor teaching awareness in schools, the wider community or working with young people, and is a stark reminder for all of how serious this subject is.  Most refreshingly the undertaking of KEWAP and the other work of the UKMAA is a welcomed opportunity for instructors in the field to work collaboratively to produce intelligent solutions for real-life problems throughout, both here in the UK and abroad."
Kirsty Henderson - President of Five Rings Training Fight Association, GB Squad Coach   

"Just wanted to say I thought the whole day was extremely worthwhile and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was both informative with information that I can actually use. The techniques are easy to remember in stressful situations as well as being easy to learn which is a big plus for some of my candidates."
Julian Whitehead - SIA & P.I Instructor 

"I have had the pleasure of being an attendee on the course and I thank Steven vigorously for creating such a programme that can be taught to the general public. As for KEWAP, I wish it the success it deserves." 

Tony Cloughton - Chief Instructor of ARC Self-Defence