Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

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Welcome to the Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP) - Establised in 2009

KEWAP was devised by national and international award-winning instructor Steven Timperley who is also a former UK military specialist instructor with twenty-two loyal years' service to the Crown. Impressively, to date, we are very proud of the fact that there are now approximately 400 fully trained KEWAP Instructors in over 35 towns and cities in England and parts of Wales delivering KEWAP to their respective communities.  KEWAP Instructors include personal safety specialists, teachers, community support employees and specialist instructors within various Police Constabularies as well as 'Officer Safety Trainers' serving with the British Transport Police (BTP).

What is KEWAP?

The KEWAP has been specifically designed to be highly educational and though provoking in regards to the factual content documented in the respective power-point presentations and KEWAP comes in two formats i.e. the adult variant and the unique under eighteens variant for educational establishments and youth community groups.  Both formats cover many subjects including awareness, avoidance, everyday personal safety protocols, the Law & knives as well as physical response options instruction (over 16s).  KEWAP physical response options are suitable for those who have little or no self-defence training or martial arts experience.

KEWAP in the News Showreels

Knife Crimes Essex - Only Cowards Carry and KEWAP Founder - Anglia News

Knife Crimes Nottinghamshire and KEWAP Founder - East Midlands News

Presentations for Educational Establishments & Youth Community Organisations (1 hour & 1.5 hours):

In order to reduce knife related crimes in the UK it is now widely thought that educating those below the age eighteen years to the dangers and the implications of carrying knives and edged weapons is a must. It is important to know that approximately two-thirds of those who carry knives for personal protection have these items used against them.  The fact still remains that many who attend education in both inner city areas and affluent towns carry bladed articles and this problem is not going away.  In the main not all victims of a knife related crimes are members of urban street gangs. Sadly, the larger percentage of those aged under eighteen years who fall prey to knife related crimes are in fact decent individuals going about their normal daily patterns of life.

The under eighteens KEWAP lasts approximately 50-60 minutes and covers a host of information relative to the safety of young people in today's society regarding knives and edged weapons.  In addition, there is a unique student survey, fun and thought provoking team-based activities as well as a simple post-presentation assessment (multiple choice) to complete which helps to underpin the learning process.

Please Note: Annual and personal safety specific presentations can also be arranged upon request. Specialised presentations can be delivered in order to reiterate key points of personal safety as well as the Law in relation to knives and edged weapons.  Self-defence skills instruction is available to those aged sixteen years and over (1.5 hours course). This covers distancing, escape route/s selection, use of cover/barriers, deflection drills and other pragmatic response options training based around the 4Ds (personal safety specific).

Adult Courses: Half Day (3 hours) & Full Day (6 hours):

It seems that almost every day in one national newspaper or another or on the evening news there is reference to someone being attacked by an edged weapon assailant.  The half day course is presentation based which covers a wealth of information regarding the urban edged weapon threat and personal safety protocols. The full Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (6 hours) is the most comprehensive course of its kind available in the UK to date which includes defence against edged weapons training.  In an age where you are more likely to be killed by an edged weapon assailant than you are by someone firing a handgun at you, now is the time to undergo knives & edged weapons awareness training.

Pure defence against edged weapons training can be delivered for those who seek physical response options instruction only.  Specialised training for the Military, Police, HMP and the security sectors also undertaken upon request.  In addition, it is strongly advised that annual refresher training is sort in order to avoid skills-fade for those who request physical response options instruction.  Bespoke and annual presentations also available upon request.

S. Timperley - Founder & Chief Instructor of KEWAP

For further information about our courses or becoming a KEWAP Instructor please mail:  EMAIL  call:  07917 798 734 (thank you).