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KEWAP Registration & Renewal Details

Welcome to the KEWAP Instructor Registration & Renewals Details Page

In order to register on to a KEWAP course as a candidate instructor, candidates firstly need to be aged eighteen years of age and over. Attendee candidates need to be aged fourteen years and over and accompanied by an adult. To secure your candidate place please simply click on to the COURSES box below and select the appropriate candidate payment and enter your details. Payment in turn will secure your candidate place on to the documented KEWAP course.

To recap, once your remittance has been received an email confirming your payment will be sent to us and this confirms your instructor candidate place, and the same principle also applies to those that are attending annual refresher training or as an attendee candidate.

KEWAP Instructor Renewal - registration renewal is just £10.  Once you have renewed your listing we will upload your website or contact details (your choice).  Then, please send in your related news & pictures (X3 max) for showcasing on to the SDMAA website.  We will also email you a few free items (updated power-point and new images).



KEWAP Instructor course: 15th Dec 2019 - Total Dojo (MK) - (11:00 - 17:00).


Attendee names & comments


Patches - you can purchase either KEWAP Instructor, UKMAA, SDUK Instructor & SDUK Affiliated Instructor patches via this function (X4 patches & P+P).