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A warm welcome to everyone who has accessed this website and thank you for taking the time to look around it.  Collectively we started approximately ten years ago on the back of a simple idea regarding helping one another in relation to sharing knowledge and skill sets.  Over the years our numbers have steadily increased and we continue to grow by a number of methods including invitation, recommendation and referral.  So, if you would like to join the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance we would love to here from you today!

SDMAA Affiliates (KEWAP, UKMAA, SDUK and affiliated instructors) - if you have an article, an announcement or an event that you would like to share with the UK martial arts and/or self-defence communities then please email us today (300 words maximum and X1 photo).  Please email your news, events, announcements and photos to:  EMAIL (thank you).

TV Appearences & News Features to Date!

Many of our affiliates over the years have appeared in countless local & regional newspapers and martial arts publications.  In doing so they have helped to raise awareness for their respective clubs, individual activities and the wider martial arts & self-defence communities.

In addition, many of our affiliates over the years have supported local community groups and a variety of charities in order to raise monies for respective causes and intentions, especially  Only Cowards Carry - a truly fantastic organisation.  Listed below are a few TV newsreels that our affiliates have been involved in ovre the years (more to follow shortly):

Colchester High School for Girls (Self-Defence) - Anglia News

Knife Crimes Essex - Only Cowards Carry & KEWAP Founder

Children's Personal Safety Awareness Course - BFBS News

Chris Jones - Prank Patrol

Ben Nevis Challenge (Cystic Fibrosis) - Central News

Kelly Haynes (K1 World Champion) - BBC News

Knife Crimes in Nottinghamshire (KEWAP) - East Midlands News

Chris Jones - Stunt Choreography!

Robin Barret - Author

Robin Barret has been a celebrated author and security expert for many years.  In May of 2017 Robin published the highly acclaimed book entitled 'A Professionals' Guide to 24 Urban Self-Defence and Close Quarter Combat Systems'.  This book clearly documents the many pragmatic defensive systems being taught in the UK to date.  These systems are informative, to the point and help to showcase the great work that is being delivered by some of the UK's finest instructors.

If you are looking for a publication that is engaging, informative and highly recommended then please click  HERE.

All New Certificate Designs!

We are very proud of our newly designed range of ratification, membership and courses attended certificates.  As you know, in order to create a very professional look and one that clearly documents the achievements of graded, qualified and course attended affiliates, we have recruited a very professional graphics designer and martial arts instructor to help us with this requirement. 

So, if you are looking the breathe new life into your own range of certificates, logos and under-pinning documentation then Georgina Grayston from Bliink Designs can help.  She can be contacted at here website  HERE

Mike Bowden - Author

Mike has been an active and friend to the wider alliance since day one.  A very capable Systema & Senior KEWAP Instructor, Mike has published a fascinating range of motivational books.  So, if you are looking to further understand and develop your understanding of how to get through harder times then Mike's books are definately for you!

For further information about Mike and the information packed books he has written please visit his website  HERE.  

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