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Over the years many of our affiliates have been directly proactive in supporting their respective communities by way of delivering a variety of educational First Aid & Personal Safety related training courses for schools, colleges, businesses and community-based groups.  Bespoke training is available for those requesting specific instruction so that the time given over to these courses helps to fully enhance and maximise respective learning outcomes.  Ultimately, we truly believe that courses for educational establishments and community groups must be informative, pragmatic and highly enjoyable (see the list below). 

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Beyond a wide range of First Aid & Personal Safety training for everyone, we offer many courses for teachers and those placed within the educational system that teach and support those placed within their charge.  This support comes in the form of a host of specalised courses including Street Weapons Awareness (SfS), Behavour Management (from BTEC) and Safegaurding (including Radicalisation from Ofqual), and much more.

Courses for Schools, Businesses & Community Groups (half day & full day):

Breakaway Techniques (U18s & Adults, mixed groups and female specific)
Teachers & Support Staff (self-defence and street weapons awareness for schools)
Personal Safety Presentations (includes practical session upon request)
Edged Weapons Awareness (including first on scene Trauma First Aid module)
Street Weapons (knives, disguised items, striking/impact, firearms/projectile)
Lone Working
Behavour Management (from BTEC including Restorative Practise)
The Law in Relation to the Use of Force
Safeguarding (including Radicalisation) - Ofqual Level 3 qualification
First Aid - full range of Ofqual Levels 2 & 3 qualifications (EFAW, FAW, Paediatric, Defibrillation etc.)
Fire Marshal - Ofqual Level 2 qualification
Health & Safety - Ofqual Levels 2 & 3 qualifications
Manual Handling - Ofqual Level 2 qualification 
* The above courses are conducted by 'The F.A.S.T Guy' (First Aid & Safety Training).  The F.A.S.T Guy is a former military specialist instructor with twenty-two loyal years service to the Crown and three years service with the Police. In short, F.A.S.T Guy courses are highly informative, in many cases pragmatic and delivered with the emphasis on enjoyment. 
* For a further details about any of the above courses please EMAIL or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).
* Nonregulated training refers to courses such as bespoke & open events.  Regulated refers to courses that carry with them national recognition i.e. Ofquals.