Self Defence & Martial Arts Alliance

Alliance: “Joining in Pursuit of Common Interests” (the Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Welcome to the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA) - Established in 2015

The origins of the SDMAA goes back to 2009 when a martial arts network was formed in the South East of England to support localised martial arts clubs and share knowledge. Over the coming years this network increased and instructors running clubs from a wider catchment area also signed up. In 2010 the UK Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA) was formed and numbers steadily increased representing martial arts styles/systems from Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, the Middle East and many other countries from around the world.
Although the martial arts can be somewhat political and tribal at times with restrictions, the SDMAA has no restrictions on its affiliates and we openly encourage our members to activiely seek knowledge from styles and systems not of their own training orientation. And we are very proud of the fact that our courses and events enhance this philosophy.
In the main, the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA) has been formed to recognise and register instructors and their clubs, consolidate skill sets and further promote those affiliated to either the SDUK, the UKMAA and KEWAP.  Ultimately one defining banner but retaining respective identities and reasons for establishment. 
Collectively we welcome like-minded martial arts, self-defence and security related instructors/coaches from all styles, systems and backgrounds to join our growing, friendly and highly respected alliance.

Register with the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance today!

If you would like to join a very supportive, active, open and very friendly organisation and register 'your martial arts grade' or proudly have your 'self-defence instructional qualification' listed with the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance then please email us today at:  EMAIL.  If you would first like to speak with us then please call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).
S. Timperley - Founder & President of the Self-Defence & Martial Arts Alliance (SDMAA)