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Welcome to our SDUK Course Qualified & SDUK Affiliated Instructors' Register!

Listed below are some of the UK's most experienced and highly respected Self-Defence Instructors in the UK to date.  Many hold not only a style or system related grade, many in fact are national trainer qualified and advanced BTEC certificated as well.  In addition, we are proud to list Police Officer Safety Trainers (OSTs), HMP C&R Instructors, Conflict Management Instructors (with P.I module), Boxing Instructors, military PTIs and a host of other industry related specialists!   

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SDUK Instructors' & SDUK Affiliated Instructors' Register

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SDUK Instructors

Sam Wood  
Gary Henshaw  
Alan Butcher  
Kevin J Cook WEBSITE
Linda Smith  
Neil McReynolds  
Gary Henshaw  
Claud Brown  
Lucy Gray  
Carl Wedderburn  
Frankie Cooper  
Roberto Saggese  
Mohammed Akbor  
James Pye  
Stuart Jarvis  
Paul Sutton  

SDUK Affiliated Instructors

Mark Dawes  (Self-Defence & Restraint) WEBSITE
Kirsty Henderson  (Krav Maga) WEBSITE
Tony Hughs  (Krav Maga)  
Steve Timperley  (Self-Defence)  
Craig Whitefoot  (Krav Maga)  
Ryan Devenish  (KAPAP)  
Rob Cook  (Krav Maga)  
Stuart Harris  (Krav Maga) WEBSITE
Andy Jackson  (The Approach)  
Stuart Ryder  (Self-Protection)  
Sally Lewis  (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Matt Braybrook  (Self-Defence SDF)  
Ian Over  (O.C.F.M)  
Gregg Dodds  (ABC Combat)  
Neil Rogers  (Police OST)  
Peter Jones (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Mark O'Neil  (Urban Krav Maga)  
Redzui Madouri  (KAPAP) WESBITE
Colin Lions  (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Andy Jackson  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Alan Cain  (Unarmed Combat)  
Chris Nicholls  (TSD S. Timperley)  
Andy Balfe  (Self Protection)  
Slav Maslowski  (KAPAP)  
Vivienne Norton  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Andrew Norton (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Darren Turner  (Self Protection)  
Damian Kierans  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Kevin Cook  (Restraints - P.I)  
Nicolas Pittard  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Tony Hughs  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
David Wignal  (Krav Maga)  
Mark Davies  (Combat Technologies)  
John Gaynor  (O.C.F.M)  
Arlene Sproule  (Self-Defence BTEC)   
Mark O'Neill  (Urban Krav Maga)  
Jamie Clubb  (Self Protection)  
Kevin Cook  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Pierre Mahon  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Steve Timperley  (Restraint)  
Dean Saitch  (Krav Maga)  
Shaun Gowland (BCA)  
James Pye  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Gio Dis  (Restraint)  
Nicholas Pittard  (Conflict Management)  
Colin Lions  (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Tony Cloughton  (Self Protection)  
Richard Tunstall  (TSD S. Timperley)  
Elizabeth Over  (O.C.F.M)  
Damian Kierans  (Restraint BTEC)  
David Brown  (Self Protection)  
Paul Church  (TSD S. Timperley)  
Mark Sproule  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Paul Church  (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Tony Hughs  (The Approach)  
Jim Darrah  (TSD S. Timperley)  
Phil Lyons  (Urban Krav Maga)  
L. Stubbings  (TSD S. Timperley)  
Matt Braybrook (Self-Defence SDF)  
Seral Mehmet  (Krav Maga)  
Amanda Wilding  (Self-Defence BTEC)  
Andrew Goodwin  (Self Protection)  
Alan Cain  (Hard Target System)  
Jamie Clubb  (Self Protection)  
Haydon Scott  (KAPAP)  
Dave Bennett (Self Protection)  
Sally Lewis (Self-Defence - Ladies SDF)  
Rob Cook  (Systema)  
Stephen Pinfold  (Personal Safety TSIS)  
Alan Cain  (Counter-Knife Combat)  
Seral Mehmet  (TSD S. Timperley)