SDUK Public Courses

Generic & Bespoke Training Available

Personal Safety Specific Presentation - Adult & U18s Variants (1 hour or 2 hours)

SDUK delivers a very unique and enlightening presentation regards everyday personal safety protocols.  This covers lone working, using public transport and public highways, home safety (generic), when socialising and much more.  If you are truly interested in enhancing your own personal safety, that of your loved ones and those placed within your charge then call SDUK today without fail, we’d love to work with you! 

Please note: For those who are looking for a team-based activity in addition to a personal safety related presentation, an enjoyable breakaway techniques module can also be included as well as scenario-based training. Upon request this course can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.  Extended personal safety presentations can also be delivered upon request (over 2 hours).

Refresher presentations and any related long term training can also be delivered to meet your needs such as your duty-of-care regarding those placed within your charge. For more information about this presentation please email:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you). 

Self-Defence for Schools & Teachers (3 hours)

The sad relatity is that violence within our wider communities appears to be on the increase, and in many educational establishments too (especially some SEN schools).  Ultimately, those placed in charge of others have a duty-of-care to those individuals to ensure no harm comes to them (so far as is reasonbly practicable).  Also, management in turn has a duty-of-care to ensure their staff are furnish with a degree of knowledge and/or training to help safeguard them if they are confronted by a possible harmful situation.

Teachers:  Those employed in educational establishments will find this training highly informative regarding their legal rights as individuals, methods to employ to help reduce negative behaviours and a host of physical response options to employ if they are attacked whilst considering the needs of those carrying out the attack/s. 

Under 18s:  SDUK has devised a fun and informative way of teaching those under eighteen years of age what their options are if the are confronted by a possible violent situation.  A couple of our sessions have been filmed for TV News:

TV News feature 1 -   Colchester High School for Girls (Self-Defence) - Anglia News

TV News feature 2 -   Children's Personal Safety Awareness Course - BFBS News

This training can be delivered in one half day (awareness) or as an ongoing project (continuation).  For more details please:  EMAIL

Street Weapons Awareness Training for Teachers (30 minutes micro-presentation & 2 hours)

Over the past few years there has been a steady rise in the fact that there are more children than ever carrying knives and other weapons in schools.  SDUK via The F.A.S.T Guy delivers weapons awareness training for teachers and covers striking, edged/knives, impact and disguised weapons.  This training is highly informative, visual and enlightening regarding the types of weapons some children are carrying today in society and in schools etc.

A thirty minutes micro-presentation can be delivered during lunchtime breaks etc. or as a full awareness presentation (two hours).  Training aids are used to help document what teachers need to be aware of.  For further information please:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).

Breakaway Techniques Training - (3 hours & 6 hours)

In an age where self-defence related training is so important for everyone, Breakaway Techniques Training is certainly a must for everyone.  This form of self-defence training increases the victim's chances of being able to disengage from an attack and thereafter increase the odds for a successful escape in order to raise the alarm.
Refresher and long term training is strongly advised in order to become highly proficient in the skills taught. This training also helps towards the responsibility you might have towards others or the duty-of-care of those placed within your charge. For more information about this presentation please:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you). 

Bespoke Personal Safety Programmes - (3 hours & 6 hours)

Example - a bespoke training course could incorporate an introduction to 'self-defence and the Law' plus defence techniques conducive to common attack scenarios. The remainder of the course can then be designed to suit those requesting specific instruction and therefore maximise the training programme’s content.

Bespoke personal safety programmes and long term training or annual specific presentations can be delivered to meet your needs such as duty-of-care regarding those placed within your charge, for frontline workers or those you are responsible for. For more information about this presentation please:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you). 


Lone Worker Personal Safety Training - (3 hours & 6 hours)

Everyone who is classed as a Lone Worker should undergo employment specific personal safety training.  Those who employ frontline staff in a variety of Lone Worker positions have by employment related Laws a duty-of-care to ensure that their staff are trained in regards to their safety whilst at work.
Lone worker personal safety training is very suitable and helps to enhance your duty-of-care towards your employees and those placed within your charge. For more information about this presentation please:  EMAIL  or call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).