SDUK Instructor Registration & Renewal

Registration & Renewals

Welcome to the SDUK Instructor Registration Details!

In order to register on to a SDUK Instructor course either as an instructor candidate or as an attendee, simply click on to COURSES as lisited below.  Then select the appropriate course and enter your respective details (thank you).  This in turn sends our team an email confirmation of your remittance and you will be registered accordingly on to a listed SDUK Instructor course.  The same principle also applies to those that are attending annual refresher training or as a SDUK course attendee candidate.

* Instructor candidates must be aged eighteen years and over.  Attendees must be aged fourteen years and over, and be accompanied by an adult club instructor/parent/guardian. 

Next SDUK Instructor course:  Date TBC - Total Dojo (MK) - (11:00 - 16:30).  

Register your 'Self-Defence Instructor' related qualification with the SDUK today!

If you would like to register your 'Self-Defence Instructor' related grade etc. then please  EMAIL  us and we will send you the 'registration form'.  Return this to us complete via an email or by another appropriate means (postal address upon request) and a copy of your certificate (or certificates - you may register more than one grade).  Once we have checked your details and your annual administration registration remittance has been received we will upload your respective details.  These details will include your name and rank as well as your website address link or contact detail/s (you decide).

SDUK Affiliated Instructor registration benefits:

Professionally designed & printed certificate and a SDUK Affiliated Instructor's patch

Your pictures (X3 maximum), news & courses/events uploaded & listed (we'll help you to promote these!)

Your name, grade & website link uploaded

So why register with the SDUK as an SDUK Affiliated Instructor?

Firstly, we are a very friendly, helpful and open organisation.  Everyone within our organisation is respected and valued, and we do believe in the fact that everyone brings something to the table.  Secondly, we openly encourage our affiliates to seek other forms of training and associations.  This in turn helps our collective skill-sets and knowledge to further develop in the wider alliance (remember, always the student). 
Ultimately, by having an independant form of ratification gives you additional independant recognition and credibility once proof of existing instructional status is proven. And, if you move away from your exisitng & parent organisation you'll still be recognised as a 'self-defence instructor' regardless of style or system with SDUK.
To recap, if you would like to become a 'SDUK Affiliated Instructor' then please email us today at:  EMAIL.  If you would first like to speak with us then please call: 07917 798 734.
* If you wish to register more than one grade then you may do so.  Simply click on to the appropriate drop-down box below - 1 listing or several as denoted (Registration/s).  Please remember to include additional instructional grade details on the registration form (we'll email this to you) with copies of your combined instructional certificates for official varification (thank you). 


SDUK Affiliated Instructors - initial registration costs just £20.  For this you'll be listed on the SDUK register along with a website link or your contact details.  You will also receive an SDUK Affiliated Instructor's patch and a smart registration certificate. In addition, SDUK will gladly upload a few photos for you (max X3) and list your self-defence related events!  If you wish to list another grade after your initial registration then please add £10 to your registration fee (and then just £5 for each grade thereafter).

Example: Initial grade registration and two other grades would cost just £35!  You will receive three certificates, instructor's patches and have your details formally registered online!  To achieve this (example), click initial registration and then click registration/renewal.   

Please note:  If you wish to class your respected self-defence system as a martial art you may apply for one the UKMAA A3 certificates and have your details registered on the UKMAA section of the SDMAA website (as well as the SDUK Affiliated Instructor section).  In order to apply for an A3 UKMAA grade certificate please go to APPLY HERE.

SDUK Affiliated Instructor initial registration: certification, patch & website listing/link is a one-off payment (not annual).  Click 'Buy Now'

SDUK Instructors & SDUK Affiliated Instructors - registration renewal/s required after 12 months of initial registration/s.  Click 'Subscribe'

Once you have completed 'SDUK Instructor' training or you have registered as a 'SDUK Affiliated Instructor', after 12 months re-registration will be required (full registration benefits apply).  If you wish to register your system-based grade/s you may do so.  Because we will have your details from a SDUK Instructor course (separate listing), simply send in a copy or copies of your other grade/s.  You will in turn receive a certificate to denote this registration (one per grade registered), website listing and patch.  To recap, initial registration listing is £20 (affiliates), all renewal registrations £10 (and then just £5 for each grade thereafter).



Next SDUK Instructor course for 2019 - date TBC. 

Previous guest instructors at SDUK Instructor include Mick Tully!


Attendee names & comments


Patches - you can purchase either SDUK Instructor, SDUK Affiliated Instructor, UKMAA & KEWAP patches via this function (X4 patches & P+P).