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Welcome to Self-Defence UK (SDUK) - Established 2015

Self-Defence UK (SDUK) has been set up to promote a highly informative, pragmatic and enjoyable approach to self-defence and personal safety instruction.  At SDUK we firmly believe that the specific modules which compliment related training must be conducive to the needs of those seeking instruction.  In order to maximise the period of instruction requested, SDUK will first consult with and advise those requesting specific instruction by means of a simple training needs analysis (schools, colleges and community organisations etc.).

In essence, the primary aim of SDUK is to help others to reduce the chances of falling prey to violence when core values of instruction are employed by those attending a self-defence related training event.  The Secondary aim is to teach course candidates how to employ the appropriate physical response options when attacked if personal safety protocols fail.  In turn, these will help to enhance survival prospects and limit the chances of being an outright victim to violence.

SDUK physical response options, counter-threat measures and concepts have been developed to suit most people regardless of age, size, gender, physical abilities or life experiences.  In the main, SDUK helps to furnish course attendees with a firmer mindset regarding violence and personal safety so that their survival prospects are enhanced.

SDUK Instructor - next course:  Sunday the 21st October - MK (11:00 - 16:30).  Guest Instructor - Mick Tully!

If you are interested in becoming a 'SDUK Instructor' and wish to join our growing list of respected  SDUK Instructor Members then please get in contact, we'd love to hear from you and help further develop your understanding of self-defence and personal safety instruction (it's not all about technique).  For further information about our courses or becoming a SDUK Instructor (course qualified) then please mail:  EMAIL.

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If you would like to proudly register your 'self-defence instructional qualification' with SDUK and become a 'SDUK Affiliated Instructor' then please email us today at:  EMAIL  or go to:  SDUK Affiliated Instructor  for more details (thank you).  

S. Timperley - Founder of Self-Defence UK (SDUK)

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