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Registration & Renewal Details

Welcome to the UKMAA Grade Registration & Renewal Details Page

If you would like to register your martial arts Dan or Degree related grade etc. the process is straightforwards.  Simply email us and we will send you the 'registration form' and in turn our 'charter'.  Return these to us complete via an email or by another appropriate means (postal address upon request) and a copy of your certificate (and respective grading book page if you have one).  Once we have checked your details submitted and your annual administration registration remittance has been received we will upload your respective details.  These details will include your name and rank as well as your website address link or contact detail/s (you decide).

So why register with the UK Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA)?

Firstly, we are a very friendly, helpful and open organisation.  Ultimately our 'Strength in Depth' rests with those affiliated to us and everyone is respected and valued (everyone brings something to the table).  Secondly, we do not operate a restrictive policy but openly encourage our affiliates to seek other forms of training and associations.  And by having an independant form of ratification gives you additional independant recognition. 

UKMAA grade registration benefits:

Professionally designed & printed membership certification & a UKMAA patch

Your pictures (X3 maximum), news & courses/events uploaded & listed (we'll help you to promote these)

Your name & website link uploaded

Register your 'Martial Arts Dan/Degree' related grade with the UKMAA today!

If you would like to be join a very supportive, open and friendly organisation and proudly register your 'Dan or Degree' related grade and become a valued and respected affiliate with the 'UK Martial Arts Alliance' then please email us today at:  EMAIL.  If you would first like to speak with us then please call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).

UKMAA initial registration: certification, patch & website listing/link is a one-off payment (not annual).  Click 'Buy Now'

UKMAA registration renewal/s: required after 12 months of initial registration/s.  Click 'Subscribe'

Once you have initially registered, after 12 months re-registration will be required (full registration benefits apply).  If you wish to register your additional grade/s you may do so.  Because we will have your initial registration details from your first grade resgistration, simply send in a copy (or copies) of your other certificate/s.  You will in turn receive a certificate from the UKMAA to denote this registration (one per grade registered).  Annual renewal registration is just £10 (and then just £5 for each grade thereafter).



SDUK Instructor course: Sunday the 21st October - Total Dojo (MK) - (11:00 - 16:30). 

KEWAP Instructor: Sunday the 4th of November - Total Dojo (MK) - (11:30 - 16:30).


Attendee names & comments


A3 UKMAA Official Grade Certificates

Once you have registered your grade and validated this you may acquire one of our A3 size grade certificates.  These have been professionally designed and printed on a high quality resource and will be posted to you in an A3 hard/card envelope (not rolled up).  The certificate will be furnished with several official stamps and the official UKMAA embossed seal, and the named person will have their details clearly printed (not hand written).  These are also available to you for your dan/degree graded students (U18s) but only from you via the UKMAA.
If you wish to register with the UKMAA and acquire an A3 grade certificate 'at the same time' you may do so.  The total cost of the A3 certificate and registration to the UKMAA is that of the A3 Official Grade Certificate (one fee).  You will also receive a membership certificate and a UKMAA patch at no extra cost thus saving you the initial registration fee.
Self-Defence Instructors:  If you wish to class your self-defence system as a martial art then you may also apply for one the UKMAA A3 certificates.  In turn, your details will be recorded on the UKMAA register as well as the SDUK Affiliated Instructors' register. 
* If you wish to register more one than one grade then you may do so.  Simply click on to the appropriate downdown below (Registration/s).  Please remember to include collective details on the registration form and all copies of your certificate/s for grade varification/s.
Please state style & grade


Patches - you can purchase either UKMAA, KEWAP Instructor, SDUK Instructor & SDUK Affiliated Instructor patches via this function (X4 patches & P+P).