UK Martial Arts Alliance

Blood Makes You Related - Loyality Makes You Family!

Welcome to the UK Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA) - Established in 2010

The UKMAA is a unique network of martial arts instructors and personal safety trainers which is considered by its Affiliates to be an extended family of like-minded and friendly persons. Collectively we are helping and advising one another, we’re breaking down tribal barriers, sharing skills-sets and ideas whilst forging new friendships and having fun in the process, the way things should be.
The UKMAA is not an Association, a Federation or a Governing Body but it is a ‘unique and very friendly’ networking organisation used for many purposes including ‘ratification of grades’. Please remember, the UKMAA encourages its Affiliates to retain their present affiliations upon registration (but not essential).
The UKMAA will recognise and support those that are solo instructors/clubs not affiliated to any of the above so long as grades are proven and evidenced.  And if an Affiliate wishes the UKMAA to be their parent organisation the UKMAA will be happy to acknowledge this request.
Please note: The UKMAA offers additional support in the form of under-pinning courses for instructors including First Aid & Safeguarding (children & adults) by means of Ofqual recognised training.  And these courses can be conducted in-house if you so wish, or on the open circuit.
The UKMAA is open to all regardless of style/system or instructional rank/grade/status.  And for the record the UKMAA does not promote martial politics, have any hidden agendas and it will not interfere with its valued Affiliates' practices so long as these are not detrimental to the martial arts or the safety of club members etc.

Register your 'Martial Arts Dan/Degree' related grade with the UK Martial Arts Alliance today!

If you would like to be join a very supportive, open and friendly organisation and register your 'Dan or Degree' related grade and become a valued and respected member of the 'UK Martial Arts Alliance' then please email us today at:  EMAIL.  If you would first like to speak with us then please call: 07917 798 734 (thank you).
Steven Timperley - President of the UK Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA)